9 Women in 90 minutes Series Podcast

August is Women’s month in South Africa, and just like any themed month, brands will be and have been, filling our digital news feeds with celebratory events. Already being a woman-centric publication, we thought it right to run a campaign themed 9 Women in 90 minutes.

We wanted to take a different, yet impactful approach. The campaign touches on the so-called “taboo” topics affecting African women in society such as masculinity, unconventional careers, high performing single mothers, just to name a few. We’d love to hear from you too. Our goal was to try and understand what is happening on the ground. Are the issues local and unique to us who reside within the continent, or are they part of a larger global agenda?

Eps 1 – Women Supporting Women with Rehema Isa

In episode 1 we chat to Rehema Isa on the importance of women supporting women and the role she plays.

Rehema is a Serial Entrepreneur, a Business Strategist, a Storyteller, and a Mother. She is the co-founder of Womanomics Africa™, a not-for-profit focused on advocacy, research, and capacity building, to ensure that women receive ½ of $6tn estimated to be unlocked from doing business in Africa’s Continental Free Trade Area. As the co-founder of Oya Foods and a TEDx licensee, she’s passionate about amplifying the voices and scaling up the businesses of African women globally.

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Eps 2 – Sexuality, Inclusivity and Diversity with Bandy Kiki

In episode 2 we chat to Bandy Kiki on why Sexuality, Inclusivity and Diversity are important in our society.

Bandy Kiki is a Cameroonian public figure, entrepreneur and LGBT+ activist. She is the Founder of Kikum Consulting – a marketing and branding consultancy; Co-founder of Rem Clan – a gender-neutral online apparel clothing company inspired by everything LGBTQ and African; Rainbow Migration Trustee, Black Beetle Health Trustee and Living Free UK Director.

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Eps 3 – Single Motherhood and High Performance with Lesego Maboa

In episode 3 we chat to Lesego Maboa on how she balances being a single mother and and a higher performer at work.

Lesego Maboa is a qualified Chartered Accountant, currently working as a Finance Manager for an Institutional Stockbroker in the Banking industry. She is the eldest of three, and currently a single, ambitious, dream chasing, go-getting mom. She is a strong believer that being a mom (or parent in general), should be a dream catalyst, not extinguisher!

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Eps 4 – Age and Marital Status Discrimination with Astelie Ngarambe

In episode 4 we chat to Astelie Ngarambe on discrimination that women face due to their age and marital status.

Astelie Ngarambe is a marketing professional with brand building and brand execution experience in Western and Eastern Africa. Her 10-year marketing career includes tenures in Silicon Valley based companies. Astelie’s passion lies in helping African companies build a big brand feel across and beyond the continent. Today in Rwanda, she leads the marketing department of the social enterprise franchise business, JIBU, for Rwanda and DRC.

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Eps 5 – Women in Unconventional Careers with Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela

In episode 5 we chat to Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela on how she managed to thrive in a career that is unconventional for women.

Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela is an enthusiastic brewmaster born and raised in Butterworth, a small village in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Apiwe got intrigued by the science of beer making during her high school days when she visited an open day at a university. She is a woman of many firsts, emerging as a force to be reckoned with within the craft beer industry. Her company Brewsters Craft, is the first black female owned and operated brewing company in South Africa.

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Eps 6 – Mindfulness and Self-love with Dorothy Ooko

In episode 1 we chat to Dorothy Ooko on how mindfulness and self-love can help you with living a balanced life.

Dorothy currently heads the Google Communications team in Africa. When not working Dorothy loves keeping fit, sports, hiking, reading, cooking and travelling. She is very active on social media and believes in being part of the conversations to build your brand. At the start of Covid19, she started No Head Podcast about living life in the present moment and navigating life together.

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Eps 7 – Menstrual Matters with Farah Fortune

In episode 7 Farah Fortune chats to us about menstrual matters and how we as ordinary citizen can help in ensuring that free pads are a right for all women.

Farah Chirene Fortune, founder & director of African Star Communications (ASC) is the well known businesswoman behind many successful corporate and celebrity brands. She is better known to her clients & industry peers as “The Pitbull in Heels”. With a keen interest and focus on female empowerment, her company only employs women and predominantly uses female suppliers. She’s also the face behind The Pad Run, a non-profit initiative that is helping underprivileged young women in South Africa maintain their dignity.

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Eps 8 – Women’s Empowerment with Ms Khoza

In episode 8 we chat to Ms Khoza about how men can support and push the women empowerment agenda.

Ms Khoza is the Founder and Chairperson of the Zodwa Khoza Foundation, a not-for-profit company. Together with the City of Johannesburg, the Foundation houses the Zodwa Khoza Entrepreneurial and Skills Development Center at the Diepkloof, Soweto multi-purpose center. Ms Khoza is a Social Entrepreneur who believes in doing good while doing business. She lives this by actively supporting community based organisations, charities and not-for-profit companies.

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Eps 9 – Women in Male-dominated Industries with Doreen Mokoena

In episode 9 Doreen Mokoena chats to us about how she maneuvered herself to the top in a male dominated industry.

Doreen Mokoena is an accomplished Internet and Cybersecurity expert with over 7 years in the internet industry. She is currently the founder and CEO of Cybersec Clinique, a software development and cybersecurity company that specializes in mining technologies. Doreen leads a critical role in the enforcement of regulations within the South African tech space and advocates for women participation in the cybersecurity and STEM fields.

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