1. The Thrill – Convenience


First things first, I’m sure you’re wondering how you can manage all these stops within only 48 hours. Sitting in traffic is one thing, but have you tried a motorcycle ride? Locally known as a boda boda, jumping on the back of one of these is an absolutely MUST-DO activity. For as little as R10, you can comfortably ride around the city and avoid the daily hustle and bustle of traffic. If you’re one of those with an itch for an adrenaline rush, ask them to go extra fast.

Pro tip

Wear a helmet and a reflector jacket for safety precaution. You may request for these items from your boda boda rider as they usually have them on hand.

How Much? (boda boda)

An average boda boda starts from about 2,500 UGX.

R10 | Ksh 70 | $ 0.70

2. The food- Uga roll

One of Uganda’s famous street food delicacies is a“Rolex”. Named after the heavy-weight Swiss timepiece, this is a chapati, egg, sometimes cabbage and tomato and onion burrito-esque, African-inspired wrap. My travel buddy, who suffers from a sensitive stomach, wasn’t too keen on the street food vendors. Luckily, our host was quick with a solution and introduced us to Ugaroll. The company has taken the outdoor concept indoors and added complimenting internationally loved flavours like bbq and options of brown or white flour chapati.

How Much? (rolex)

The regular Rolex retails for about UGX 5000 to UGX 10,000 for a gourmet deluxe Rolex.

 Street Rolex: R2 | Ksh 14 |

Gourmet Rolex: R10 | Ksh 70 | $ 0.15

3. The Views – Ninety 9 Rooftop Bar

Kampala, which is also known as the city of hills, provides some of the best views in the continent. A local friend recommended just the perfect place to go and watch the sunset – Ninety9 Rooftop bar located at the Protea Hotel by Skyz Marriot. Recently opened to the public in 2018, this 4-star trendy-chic hotel is where we spent our New Year’s Day.

Pro tip

For a memorable experience, plan your visit for about 5:00 p.m. as you grab an early dinner snack or drink. Do this while watching the sun slowly set into the scenic background and listening to the live band serenade you into the evening.

4. The Drinks – UG Waragi

Taste the local brew – UG Waragi. Possibly in line with the party scene, and just party culture in general, liquor in Uganda tends to be more “affordable” side in comparison to global standards. One of our favorites was a local gin brand: UG Waragi – coconut flavor. The drink is strong and pungent, but absolutely delicious to mix with some pineapple juice and ice. If you’re feeling extra brave, I dare you to drink it straight, like the real veterans do.

Pro tip

I tried to find this brew in Nairobi and bring it home to South Africa, as a keepsake for my indoor bar, but to no avail. The product is only available in Uganda, or as the Duty-Free agent told me, along the Busia-Uganda border. Again, close to Uganda. So, if ever in the country, don’t forget to leave with your pre-bought stock. Seems to me like there’s a gap in the African Brew distribution ecosystem in general. Who’s going to jump in on this?

5. The Vibe

Parte after parte – Try out the vibrant night life which keeps going until the early hours of the morning – 6:00 a.m., sometimes 7:00 a.m. for context. As at December 2019, Thrones, located in Bugolobi, was the newest and hottest joint in town. The architecture boasts a beautiful curved bar, and enough open space making you so comfortable, you won’t want to leave.

How Much?

Expect to spend about UGX 100,000 for a light snack and a couple of drinks for two.

R10 | Ksh 70 | $ 0.70


This blog first appeared on the March 2020 Edition of the Vuuqa Lifestyle eMag. Download your free copy here: Download

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