Naomi Wear

Naomi Wear is the creation of two sisters, Sharon and Melanie. Coming from a design background and having a constant need to inspire and be inspired evolved into the label "Naomi Wear".  T-shirts of course were the obvious choice for our playground of expression. Embodied within the label are three simple but never the less important aspects: The Celebration of women, Empowerment and providing the so called "Fabric for Inspiration".  Naomi Wear combines the use of imagery and powerful messages to convey the essence of a woman who celebrates herself, all she is and still is to become!! Meaning: Joy. This name Naomi finds it's roots in the book of Ruth in the bible. The book details the journey of Naomi and the circumstances in her life cause her to change her name from Noami meaning joy to that of Mara referring to sadness. It is a true reflection of how women at different stages of their lives project themselves in different ways. Most importantly how women are capable of rising above impossible circumstances. Naomi Wear Ranges are made with only a certain number of exclusive pieces produced for each range between 30 to 100 Pieces. The cut, style and visuals constantly change with new fresh inspirational ideas and are not repeated unless by popular demand


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