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The list of things we “used to do” is growing. I don’t or didn’t recognise them as fast as I should’ve, but only realize the day I want to do them and suddenly ah…wait…what …we can’t do that no more! I am not a very social person. I don’t go to that many places and I cannot even remember the last time I was at a wedding. Shocking, I know LOL! For right now, my “outing” is really a run to checkers for bread and cheese.

Still, here is a list of things I do miss and wonder if we’ll ever do again:

1. Entrepreneur meetups

Running a business is not pap n vleis! It’s like climbing a mountain that keeps on getting steeper and higher as you go. I realized early on that I needed a group of people I could see regularly; just nje. Not for anything really serious, just to ‘TALK’. It’s so much more comforting complaining about sales targets with people who work with similar situations on the daily. You don’t necessarily want advice, just commonality and knowing ‘we are here for you’.

2. Random Fashion Events

The last one I attended was a year-end event by Glamour Magazine. My highlights about this night was the fashion and the miniature eats which were served every 30 minutes. Everything was organized in such a fashionable way, the speech and just the vibe was – fashion. Every conversation I started with any stranger in that room revolved around…well fashion. Do you understand the fun I had? These types of events in the industry remind us that it’s worth it. It’s beautiful and we can do it. I miss all of that.

3. The streets

One of my favourite things to do was look at people in the streets. ‘Where?’ you ask? Johannesburg CBD and surrounding areas but most importantly Braamfontein. I don’t know any other artistic group of people than people in Braam. They are young, have less responsibilities and honestly can do and try everything and anything. Same as Melville and Cape Town. There’s a level of artistry that can inspire an entire collection in just one seating. I miss this. Today just being outside is life threatening!



4. Walking into random stores

I enjoy antique and second-hand stores. Again, there are so many gems in there that trigger my creativity. I have walked into so many second hand stores in Gauteng, I don’t even know where; but luckily for me they are always on main roads! This goes for flower shops and artisan food stores. At this moment in time, some of these stores have had to close down, and driving around is no longer a norm…let alone walking into stores I don’t know of.




There’s a lot of normal we are losing but also a lot of newness we should embrace.

– Brigette Mashile

5. The idea I can go anywhere

Meaning I can do anything. This is why traveling is important. It expands your knowledge and awareness about world culture. A mind that knows no boundaries can probably come up with solutions to many social issues. Even if you can only afford to go to Durban, that knowledge that you can is enough to inspire you to do something, be different and try again. I pray that we can have this freedom again. Life is changing, every day, maybe for good, and I believe this. The challenge is being in the eye of the storm, being the change and making it through. There’s a lot of normal we are losing but also a lot of newness we should embrace.

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