Channel Africa Radio

Change your game: 16th August 2019

Listen to Vuuqa chatting about the e-commerce space in South Africa for Women: We are on at the 09:19 min

SME South Africa

Online Stores – Should You Go For Out-the-Box, Build or a Marketplace: 5th August 2019

SME South Africa

SME SOUTH AFRICA Interview- This African Online Marketplace Delivers Uniquely African Products To the World: 30th June 2019

SME South Africa

SME SOUTH AFRICA contribution- How We Use WhatsApp To Run and Grow Our Business: May 20th 2019

At @Vuuqa, we have found that the best tool for us to be accessible and to communicate with our customers and suppliers is WhatsApp.” read more on this topic written by our co-founder Tshiwela Ncube.

Africa Business Online Magazine

Vuuqa Interview: 24 October 2018

In this interview with  Alaba Ayinuola  of Business Africa Online, Horesia and Tshiwela shared their passion for African brands, why they launched Vuuqa, the development of Africa eCommerce ecosystem amongst others.

Kaffein Magazine

Interview: April 2019 Edition

We constantly having conversations about whether to digitize certain services and these ladies have actually created a digital market place for small African brands to reach a larger audience and of course sell, sell, sell!

Check out what they have to say about how they established their business and some tips on how to navigate the e-commerce space in Africa.

Africa Business Online Magazine

Article: February 2019 Edition

Tshiwela Ncube one of our co-founders has contributed an article to the Africa Business Online Magazine on Afri-commerce: Giving Customers the Best African Experience.

Vuuqa BBC News Africa Interview- African Brands

Interview: 29 January 2019

Check out Horesia Nyawade one of our co-founders giving tips to Africans on how to push their brands across borders.

Afro Queen Business Magazine Feature

Feature: 05 January 2019

Read the Afro Queen Business Magazine’s millennial entrepreneur diary feature written by our co-founder Horesia Nyawade, discussing the Vuuqa journey thus far.

Africa Business Radio Interview

Interview: 24 October 2018

Listen to the Africa Business Radio interview with our founder Horesia Nyawade and Tshiwela Ncube, discussing important issues around E-commerce industry in Africa and creating African Brands to promote African Brands.

City Press

Feature: 23 September 2018

The need to express beauty through what is authentically African is becoming increasingly important to us. Online store Vuuqa’s goal is to showcase African talent and creativity using local resources, writes Rhodé Marshall.

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