Ep 4 – Mentorship and Gender Equality for African Women.

In episode 4, we chat to Steffi Barandereka Nineza a feminist leader who calls herself a Chief Feminism Officer about the importance of gender equality and explore interventions that companies can implement, to ensure that all genders are equally represented in the workplace.

Steffi is an independent consultant who has worked with multicultural teams in Canada, Burundi, Rwanda, and South Africa. I am passionate about empowering women and she’s involved in several mentorship initiatives for young girls. I am a Non-Executive Director of Sekela Foundation, an NGO founded by a group of Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) MBA Alumni who aim to sustain, support, and enable communities using their diverse skills and network.

During the episode, She also talks about her volunteer work, as a mentor to young girls, with G4G and The Ubuntu Academy. Lastly, she touches on how you can also volunteer and assist in empowering young girls in your community.

For more on investing and impact investing , watch the full podcast with Steffi on our Youtube channel.
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